ZavoMedia PR Capabilities

Online Reputation
Personal Brand Management

Overall Strategy
Consumer Targeting & Engagement 
Brand Awareness 
Growth Hacking
Digital Branding

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Media & Public Relations

Craft Messaging
Targeted Pitching
Media Advisories
Press Releases
Press Conferences
Relationship Building 

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Branding and Product Launch

Branding Strategy
Market Analysis
Consumer Targeting
Brand Awareness 

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Crisis Communications  

Situation Analysis
Reputation Management
Stakeholder Identification
Statement and Key Communications Dev.
Notification & Monitoring
Post-Crisis Analysis 

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Full-service planning on a local, regional, national level.

Our Tool Kit

Media Skills
We use our fostered media relationships and place our experts on all media, TV, cable, radio, out-of-home, print, direct, digital, social, and influencer networks. 

Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Online Publications 

ZavoMedia PR  agency is hired for the time and effort to create PR campaigns, interviews, maintain communication and help with media outreach and build an online presence. Media placements are not guaranteed. Upon signing the contract, the card on file automatically gets charged with complete authorization on a monthly basis. There is a 3, 6 or 12 month-retainer for PR agency's effort in helping with personal brand awareness. In some cases clients can agree to a one-off press release. ZavoMedia PR Group retains client's to help connect stories with top-tier publications, journalists, podcasts, TV networks, etc. Clients do not pay to be placed in specific publications. Stories may be picked up by regional, national or global press and media. In a 12-month contract, payments may also be taken out multiple times per month to expedite the PR campaign. A NY state sales tax may apply.

In some cases the article link will be Archived and accessible only via a direct link or search. Permanent placement means that the article will be accessible within the technical capabilities of the website where it is placed. In most cases it will remain forever, however, there are rare occurrences when the placed article will be removed from the website which is out of our control. In case a media outlet goes out of business we have no control of outside circumstances. 

Breach of contract results in the client being liable. Any documents submitted to ZavoMedia PR Group by the client will remain the client’s property. Any original documents produced by ZavoMedia PR Group will remain ZavoMedia PR Group property, and copies will be made for our records. The client must provide the necessary requested material within the timeframe of the contract otherwise material such as headshots or backlinks will be taken from a reliable online source to finalize publication. 

Any information received from the client will be kept strictly confidential. A confidentiality requirement is available by request. ZavoMedia PR  Group will remain the sole provider of client public relations services. The client agrees not to hire any company to do the same work as ZavoMedia. Any documents submitted to ZavoMedia by the client will remain the client’s property.  If any work is requested outside the scope of this agreement, a new assessment will be required. Depending on the assessment results, a new retainer may be required. In the case of project cancellation by the client, the client agrees to pay for all work hours already completed. 

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